Shipping information for the Stock MACTROPIN & SHIELD PHARMA (Europe):

  • Shipping price: 25eur (free for orders over 300eur)
  • Shipping insurance available for a free reship (breakage, loss, customs seizure…) for +5% of your order total.
  • Shipping to: We ship from Europe and only to Europe (Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal…)
    NO Shipping to United-Kingdom, Netherlands, United-States, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, or any other country of the world.
  • Shipping of the package: shipped less 24 hours (excluding weekends) after validation of your payment.
  • Shipping tracking code: sent 1 to 2 days after shipped.
  • Transit time: Belgium: 1 to 2 days, France: 2 to 4 days and the rest of Europe: 3 to 5 days.

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