Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10x1ml Euro Pharmacies


Run a successful bulking cycle with Propionate Testosterone. Watch as your muscle mass and overall athletic performance significantly improves.

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Product Overview

Propionate Testosterone is an androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) and a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This AAS is an FDA approved drug that is used in the testosterone replacement therapy treatment of men with low endogenous testosterone levels.

Propionate Testosterone is also used in treating postmenopausal women suffering from different stages of breast cancer. This AAS is administered intramuscularly and has a very high bioavailability.

The metabolism of Propionate Testosterone takes place in the liver and this androgenic-anabolic steroid has an elimination half-life of approximately 20 hours. This AAS is excreted mainly via urine.

Propionate Testosterone offers strong androgenic properties while the anabolic effects of this drug is moderate. Propionate Testosterone is also used in androgen replacement therapy in the medical field as the drug can help in masculinization.

Bodybuilders use Propionate Testosterone to build their physique while also enhancing their athletic performance. This AAS provides excellent cutting as well as bulking benefits. You can lose weight and shed excess body fat when you run a Propionate Testosterone cycle.

You can either run a standalone cycle or a steroid stack with Propionate Testosterone. This steroid is well-tolerated and safe to use. Bodybuilders can expect significant lean muscle mass growth with minimal side effects. However, you should avoid misusing or abusing Propionate Testosterone.

Your physician or a professional bodybuilding coach can recommend a cycle duration and dosage framework that would help you to achieve your bodybuilding objectives. Having a post-cycle therapy plan is also important. By undertaking post-cycle therapy, you will be able to minimise estrogen levels and regulate your natural testosterone level at the same time.

Propionate Testosterone converts to estrogen when injected into your body. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that contributes to the development of female sexual attributes. High levels of estrogen in male bodybuilders can lead to feminization with water retention and gynecomastia the most common side effects that male bodybuilders are exposed to.

Use Propionate Testosterone when you want to boost your skeletal muscle strength and excel during intensive workout routines. This steroid will also boost your energy, endurance, and powers of recovery which helps you to consistently engage in bodybuilding training.



The benefits of running a Propionate Testosterone cycle include:

    • Muscle Growth: Propionate Testosterone will boost the growth of your skeletal muscles. This product increases both nitrogen retention and protein synthesis on a cellular level to promote muscle mass growth. Using Propionate Testosterone will offer you vascular, lean skeletal muscles.
    • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Propionate Testosterone can help enhance your athletic performance. This steroid increases your production of red blood cells and the supply of oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body. Your cardiovascular condition will improve with the use of this androgenic-anabolic steroid. In addition to this, you will have better energy levels and strength. Propionate Testosterone will also offer you greater stamina levels.
    • Greater Powers of Recovery: Muscle injuries are common during bodybuilding training. However, with Propionate Testosterone, you can minimise your propensity to muscle-related injuries. You can also speed up your recovery from injuries by using Propionate Testosterone. This drug will help in the rapid regrowth of damaged muscle tissue. Using Propionate Testosterone will ensure that you keep up with your training program as much as possible.



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