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Be ready in time for your bodybuilding contest by boosting your metabolic rate and reducing body fat with T4 Cytomel.

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The human body’s metabolism is regulated by the thyroid gland. This gland is known to secrete a couple of hormones that are vital to the rate at which your body breaks down food.

One of the hormones released by the thyroid hormone is L-triiodothyronine (T3) while the other is L-thyroxine (T4). Both hormones help to prevent hypothyroidism which is a medical condition characterised by sluggishness in a person’s metabolism.

Hypothyroidism is caused by deficiency in the body’s supply of both thyroid hormones with L-triiodothyronine (T3) being the most potent of the two thyroid gland endogenous hormones.

With a deficiency in the supply of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones in your body, you will experience a slow metabolic rate which leads to an increase in body fat and weight. If you are looking to maintain a particular body weight for your sport, then ensuring that your body has a sufficient supply of T3 and T4 hormones is absolutely important.

You can augment your body’s shortage of thyroid hormone with the drug known as T4 Cytomel. This medication provides you with an exogenous supply of L-thyroxine (T4) hormones. With the use of T4 Cytomel, you will be able to speed up your body’s metabolism.

Your body would break down carbohydrates, fat, and protein at a fast rate generating energy in the process. T4 Cytomel will instigate an increase in your body heat, a process called thermogenesis. When thermogenesis occurs, your body will metabolise food quicker while also burning visceral and body fat as well.

T4 Cytomel is a highly tolerant oral drug that also has an excellent level of bioavailability. It will not cause any harsh or severe side effects and can be used along with androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS).

When using T4 Cytomel, you are advised to run an anabolic steroid cycle and a very good dietary plan to help prevent wastage of skeletal muscle mass. T4 Cytomel will help in giving bodybuilders hard skeletal muscles especially when used with anabolic steroids designed for bulking.



T4 Cytomel is not an androgenic-anabolic steroid, but an exogenous thyroid gland hormone that can create an enabling environment for AAS to thrive. Here are a few benefits that bodybuilders can derive from including T4 Cytomel in their bodybuilding program.

    • Quickened Metabolism: Through thermogenesis, T4 Cytomel will quicken your metabolism. This increase in your body heat leads to a fast breakdown of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins which consequently helps you to lose weight.
    • Enhanced Energy: Hypothyroidism is known to cause fatigue. With the use of T4 Cytomel, you can prevent tiredness and regain a lot of energy. The carbohydrates, proteins, and fat that are quickly metabolized are converted to energy. With greater energy levels, you can engage in intense workouts for a much longer period of time.
    • High Tolerance Level: T4 Cytomel has a very high tolerance level. Bodybuilders can use this synthetic thyroid hormone with other drugs including AAS. T4 Cytomel also has an excellent bioavailability and the drug is well-tolerated by most people with little or no adverse effects.




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