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Anti Estrogen Nolvadex is your oral PCT drug for restoring normal hormonal levels and minimising estrogen production in the body.

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Tamoxifen is better known by the brand name of Nolvadex. Nolvadex is one of the most popular anti estrogen drugs available in the open market. In the medical world this FDA approved medication is used in the treatment of cancer in both men and women.

Some of the known cancers that Nolvadex is known to be one of the recommended drugs for treatment include:

    • Nolvadex is prescribed in the treatment of either lymph node positive or negative breast cancer.
    • Tamoxifen is also useful in the treatment of those cancers that have positive progesterone and estrogen receptors.
    • Nolvadex is also prescribed in treating metastatic breast cancer in women as well as men.
    • Tamoxifen may also be prescribed to women suffering from ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS and who have undergone both radiotherapy and surgery.
    • Nolvadex is used in preventing and minimising invasive cancer.
    • This anti estrogen may also be prescribed to women with a high propensity to getting breast cancer.
    • Nolvadex has been known to be recommended as a treatment option for ovarian cancer.

Nolvadex is not only a proven cancer medication, but also an effective aromatase inhibitor. Many bodybuilders are well aware of the importance of Nolvadex to maintaining bodybuilding gains.

Bodybuilders take Nolvadex when using anabolic steroids that convert to the female sex hormone (estrogen). This orally administered anti estrogen will limit the synthesis of aromatase enzymes with steroid compounds, thereby preventing the conversion of steroid compounds to estrogen.

Nolvadex can be used during a steroid cycle or may be used at the end of a cycle and during post-cycle therapy (PCT). Bodybuilders would be pleased to learn that tamoxifen is very well-tolerated. Nolvadex can even be taken on an empty stomach with little or no side effects to worry about.



The key benefits of Nolvadex to bodybuilding include:

      • Estrogen Regulation: As an anti estrogen, Nolvadex will reduce the concentration of estrogen in the body when taken. Estrogen in high volumes can seriously hamper bodybuilding efforts. Bodybuilders with estrogen levels are at risk of experiencing feminization side effects, such as gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, and water retention.


      • Promotes Natural Testosterone Production: Nolvadex will not only reduce estrogen levels, but will also stimulate testosterone production. Anabolic steroids can suppress the production and secretion of endogenous testosterone.


However, taking Nolvadex will encourage the release of luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland which then stimulates the production and secretion of testosterone by the testes. Nolvadex helps to restore testosterone levels at the end of a steroid cycle. This makes Nolvadex a great post-cycle therapy drug.

  • Sustains Bodybuilding Gains: The skeletal muscle gains consisting of vascular, hard, and lean muscles can be maintained with Nolvadex. When this anti estrogen medication lowers estrogen levels in the body, bodybuilders would avoid retaining excess fluids.

Water retention can give huge pumps, but these full skeletal muscles are often undefined. Most bodybuilders prefer lean, hardened, and vascular muscles instead of big, water filled muscles.

Estrogen in high concentrations in the body can also slow down metabolism leading to fat accumulation and weight gain. By significantly reducing estrogen levels, Nolvadex will normalise metabolism.


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