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Enhance your aggression, energy, and stamina levels with Phenylpropionate Testosterone and spend more time working out in the gym.

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Phenylpropionate Testosterone is an androgen ester and androgenic-anabolic steroid that was initially synthesised back in 1951. This steroid is recommended in the medical field for treating a variety of health conditions. However, Phenylpropionate Testosterone would become more popular today as a performance-enhancing steroid.

Phenylpropionate Testosterone is capable of providing strong anabolic effects by substituting your endogenous testosterone hormone with the synthetic testosterone. Taking this injectable steroid will provide you with bulking benefits. You will gain significant body weight while adding mass to your skeletal muscles in the process.

Your skeletal muscles will not be filled with water, but will be hardened and vascular. Phenylpropionate Testosterone will enhance your physique by giving you a ripped, solid physical appearance.

Phenylpropionate Testosterone is also known to aid quick recovery from muscular sprains, strains, tissue, and ligament damage. Your muscles will not just be bigger and leaner, but also stronger and tougher.

Apart from skeletal muscle gains, Phenylpropionate Testosterone will enhance your strength, power, and overall energy levels. This androgenic-anabolic steroid will give you the stamina needed to withstand the physical strain, exhaustion, and burnout from a highly intense exercise regime.

Phenylpropionate Testosterone is a steroid drug that is very well-tolerated by most bodybuilders and this includes male or female bodybuilders. This androgenic-anabolic steroid can be taken by both inexperienced or experienced bodybuilders and steroid users.

Similar to other synthetic testosterone, Phenylpropionate Testosterone will aromatize when administered. This synthetic testosterone will change into the female sex hormone (estrogen) in your body after use. Aromatization can trigger the onset of estrogen-related side effects, most of which are unwanted.

Male bodybuilders with very high estrogen levels are exposed to feminization health complications that can contradict their bodybuilding efforts. The development and enlargement of breasts (gynecomastia) is one unwanted side effect of high estrogen levels in male bodybuilders. Another counterproductive side effect of excessive estrogen is water retention. Water retention can cause built up skeletal muscles to become full and less defined due to water filling the muscle mass.

With the use of anti estrogen medications at the completion of a Phenylpropionate Testosterone cycle, you will be able to reduce your estrogen levels. You will also be able to restore your natural hormonal levels during post-cycle therapy (PCT).



    • Greater Muscle Mass: Phenylpropionate Testosterone offers bodybuilders an opportunity to build their muscle mass. An increase in both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention will ultimately lead to providing you with greater skeletal muscle growth.
    • Body Fat Burning: Phenylpropionate Testosterone is useful in running a cutting program. This steroid will increase you metabolism causing you to shed excess fat and body weight.
    • Improved Stamina: With Phenylpropionate Testosterone you can boost your stamina levels and spend more time engaged in high intensity bodybuilding training. This androgenic-anabolic steroid will improve your cardiovascular conditioning by increasing your red blood cell count. The increased supply of oxygen provided by blood flowing throughout your body will enhance your energy, power, and endurance level.
    • Fast Recovery: Phenylpropionate Testosterone will promote your fast recovery from muscle tissue and ligament damage. Increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention will encourage quick cellular regrowth. This steroid will help to limit setbacks in your bodybuilding training regimen.



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