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Turinabol provides you with hard, vascular muscles while quickening your recovery from muscle injuries and boosting your stamina levels.

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Turinabol is a derivative of Dianabol and often referred to as “Mild Dianabol” because it is not as potent as Dbol. Turinabol is an orally administered androgenic-anabolic steroid or AAS that was first used way back in the 1960s.

This drug has been prescribed for use in the treatment of delayed puberty in young boys. Turinabol is also recommended for use in testosterone replacement therapy and for treating wasting syndromes, such as; anemia, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

However, in the world of bodybuilding, Turinabol or Tbol is regarded as a top-notch bulking anabolic steroid. Tbol is known to bulk up skeletal muscle mass leaving you dry, hard, vascular, and lean muscles.

Although Tbol is hepatotoxic in nature, you can prevent harm to the health of your liver by supplementing your Tbol dosage with liver protection medication.

You should also run a short Turinabol cycle and undergo post-cycle therapy (PCT) afterwards. PCT will help to restore and regulate your natural hormonal production level. Tbol is known to halt the production of endogenous testosterone, you can normalise your natural testosterone production with the use of recommended PCT drugs.

Tbol will not aromatize when taken. This is great news particularly for male bodybuilders, as Tbol will not transform into the female hormone (estrogen) after use.

Estrogen in high concentration in the body can result in many harsh adverse effects and health complications, such as; gynecomastia and water retention.



Tbol offers many bodybuilding benefits, some of which include:

    • Skeletal Muscle Gains: Tbol will bulk up your skeletal muscles. Turinabol is known to stimulate the retention of nitrogen as well as increase the process of protein synthesis in your skeletal muscles. When these processes occur, your skeletal muscle mass is more than likely to improve.
    • Enhanced Energy/Strength/Stamina: Tbol will boost your red blood cell count. The increase in oxygenated red blood cells will promote greater energy, strength, and stamina gains. As oxygenated blood flows through your skeletal muscles, the accumulation of lactic acid is significantly reduced. When you experience less muscle fatigue, you can train in the gym for an extended length of time.
    • Faster Muscle Recovery: Tbol is also known to promote the increase in Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) production. This ensures that you have stronger tendons and ligaments. In addition, IGF-1 promotes faster cellular growth which helps you in quickly recovering from sprained or damaged muscles.
    • Tbol WILL NOT Aromatize: Tbol will not transform to estrogen when consumed. This is a benefit to male bodybuilders as they do not have to worry about experiencing feminization side effects like gynecomastia and water retention. Turinabol has very high bioavailability. You can run a solo Tbol cycle or you can include Turinabol in a stack of other androgenic-anabolic steroids.
    • Highly Tolerable: Tbol can be used by both female and male bodybuilders. Bodybuilders can avoid severe side effects when using this AAS if they maintain a short Tbol cycle followed up by PCT before the start of another cycle.



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